Double Bedroom


BERLIN is a different city, out of time and very special… especially special for Balenax, because Berlin was her shelter-city over 10 long years. As a homage and to keep this beautiful memory alive, a Berlin room was needed.


In Asturiano, the language spoken in Axturias, PUMAR means the fruit tree that gives apples. If Planet Axturias should be known for something in particular, it would be its cider. This cider comes from the apples and the apples grow from pumarades. This room takes its name because of its colors. As soon as you enter it, you will be transported to one of these pumares.


The oneiric world portrayed in one of the paintings that hang over the headboard of the bed, mixed with the ZEBRA room´s wallpaper, gives this space its name.


According to cromotherapy MAGENTA is a color that creates a sense of kindness, gentleness, love and compassion. A spiritual color that allows dismissing ideas and standard thoughts, that is no longer valid. It acts on the body, mind and soul.


Although this room is the innermost of the hostel, is one of the most cheerful and colorful. BUNT, its name means colorful in German. Since the room is very spacious, has a perfect lay out to welcome your pets also.


  • Double Room
  • Bed 1,35 m.
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Heating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hair-dryer and iron by request
  • Different charger cables by request

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