Single bedroom


In Greek mythology FERUSA is a Nereida, a nymph from the sea, one of Nereo and Doris´ fifty daughters. Nereo is the Ancient Sea who, according to Hesíodo in his “Teogonía”, was remarkable for having only fair and kind thoughts. Ferusa, the “carrier” along with her sister Dynámene, created the waves in the oceans to help the boats, and her name means “the one who rescues and brings happiness.”


ENBLANCO is one of the rooms that holds the expository character, that Balenax Pensión wants to adopt. An illustration in the second issue of enblanco studio, Blind, helps to decorate and gives personality to this room. The illustration was done by Irene González Chana´s Graphic and Creative Studio, a great designer who lives in Berlin.


ROMANTIC is a big single room or a double room for couples who need to be closer. Romantic style wallpaper and its naive decoration, give this room its character.


  • Single Room
  • Beds:
    • Ferusa and Enblanco: 1,20 m.
    • Romantica: 1,35 m.
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Heating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hair-dryer and iron by request
  • Different charger cables by request

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