Twin bedroom


In Spanish, SILVER is called plata and in Latin argentum. Thus, its chemical abbreviation is Ag. Silver is a white and bright metal! Balenax as a whale loves the sea and has the need to be in the sea, which actually she enjoys while walking about 3 minutes from the hostel. As we all know, the tides are made by the interaction of the Moon and the Ocean, and by the way silver is the metal that corresponds with the Moon.


In Japanish NIWA means garden, but is also a word used with regard to things that are well known or that are very close to someone. Those things or places that you are known as well as the palm of your hand, and that are familiar. Hence, Niwa is a synonym for home.


  • Twin Room
  • Two beds of 90 cm + an extra bed possible
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Heating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hair-dryer and iron by request
  • Different charger cables by request

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